Due to the recent formation of a new U14 team, the club will be holding open trials at The Showgrounds on Saturday 16th June 9.45am. Trials are open to 2005 boys not 14 before January 1st 2018. Please contact Jim Murphy 07927674391 or Jim Lowther 07850014491 to register.

4 responses to “Newry City AFC U14 Trials”

  1. Lorcan Savage says:

    If he was 14 on 06-01-04?

    • Laura Hillen Laura Hillen says:

      Hi Lorcan, assuming you mean 14 on 6th January 2018? The trials are open to boys not 14 before January 1st 2018. Best Regards, Laura

  2. Tracey O'Connor says:

    Hi my name is Tracey O’Connor I was just wondering if you have football team at u13 level. If you don’t I was wondering if he went for the trails in the 16th of June would he be aloud as he’s only moving to u13 this season. I would really appreciate if you would get bk to me thanks.

    • Laura Hillen Laura Hillen says:

      Hi Tracey, please give Jim Murphy a text or phone call & have a chat with him Jim Murphy 07927674391. We don’t have an U13 team at the minute. Best Regards, Laura

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