Meet the players: Conor McCaul

Name: Conor McCaul.

Age: 22.

Occupation: Factory worker.

Previous Clubs: Rockview United and Windmill Stars.

Honours: The Umbro International Cup and The Bessbrook cup.

Position: Center back.

Footballing Hero: Cristiano Ronaldo and Nemanja Vidic.

What are your interests outside of football? Playing pool, socialising with friends & going out clubbing.

If you could take 3 celebrities to dinner who would they be and why? Keith Lemon, Roy Keane and the wee babe herself Cheryl Cole for a romantic dinner.

What is the best ground you have played in? Newry Showgrounds.

What would you like to achieve by the time you hang up your boots? To get Newry back in the Premiership and be a part of that team the whole way.

Who is the joker of the team? Ian Curran.

Who is the best at training? Chrisy McMahon.

Who is the worst at training? Joel Annett,  don’t think he knows where the back pitch is!

Who has the worst dress sense? Peter Thompson, God help him!

One song that gets you pumped up for a match? Showtek – Booyah.

Who is the best player you have ever played with? Ryan McGivern or Mark Haughey.

What one word would best describes you as a footballer? Committed.

And finally…a word for the fans? Keep her lit lads!  Thanks for the good support every week, you’re our 12th man!